Life, Color, and Spirit: the Art of Rona Lesser

Rona Lesser's works emphasize the color, light,and the beauty of nature, as well as a deep connection to Jewish spirituality. Rona has been an active Houston area artist since the mid 1980's, and she continues to show and teach citywide.

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Rona Lesser is an artist and educator living in Houston, TX. She has been painting for more than 20 years, covering a wide variety of subjects in an ever-evolving style which is always colorful and vibrant. Her work has been seen in galleries and juried shows around the Houston area. She has also had work in juried exhibits in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. She has been an art educator for over 30 years, working for non profits as a visiting artist in schools, and in after school art programs. She has also been working as the lead summer kids workshop teacher and a docent at the Blaffer Art Museum of the University of Houston. She is an active member of many local and national arts organizations and has served on the board of the National Women’s Caucus for Art for many years, currently as S.W. regional chair.

In Her Own Words

I believe that artwork should be more than just representation: my paintings express my feelings about the world I view. Through various media I explore the color, shape, and emotion that a scene or model bring about. Color play, expression, movement, and the wonder of creation are all part of my work. I am influenced by my own spirituality and by the work of artists I admire. I hope you will share in my sense of wonder at the world and all of its beauty.

My figurative work is often done directly from the model, which allows me to experience a direct connection with the subject. This connection and the emotional attachment that results can be experienced in line and color — I hope you will share my experience and my vision.
My landscape work comes from places I have been or paintings done outdoors. When working indoors in my studio the works are done from my photographs and memories of places i have traveled. I love being in nature and portraying that love through my paintings.

Rona Lesser, 2020